Durango Walk and TAlk Therapy with Kasey Hall

For my entire life I have been a pioneer. I think outside the box. I think about how things that have been going on the same way for ages could be done differently and better.


I have always been captivated by nature, particularly its capability to bring the imagination to amazing places and to open up fields of possibility in the mind. When I decided to go into the field of mental health, the part that never fit was the thought of sitting in an office all day long. Then I heard about walk and talk therapy and a new window opened up in my mind. Why not utilize the spacious office of the outdoors? Wouldn’t clients find it easier to open up and talk about their innermost lives in what is, in reality, our most natural environment. Why not?

Who Can Participate?

As a therapist who loves variety, I welcome any sort of issue a new client brings. I see clients for a variety of issues from anxiety and depression, to relationship issues, to a simple desire for greater well-being. I specialize in mindfulness-based counseling, women’s issues, relationship issues, life development, existential issues, and spirituality. I would welcome anyone who has an interest in developing greater well-being in their life to schedule an in person, free, 20-minute consultation with me. If you live out of the area I now offer online and teletherapy as well. Note: Colorado Residents Only